Overview Edit

C custom support R
Shield capacity 110 880
Speed 230
Booster slots 4
Robot slots 4
Nuclear slots 3
Generator slots 4

The Albatross is a Capital Class engineer.

Albatross can not be built like the regular Swordfish ship. The only way to obtain it is to find and open a Tactical nuke box (it drops from pirates, enemy players) with keys that can be won from Faction Alerts. It cost a lot more engines to upgrade than the Swordfish, because it is a Capital lockbox ship.

Upgrading Edit

Upgrading Parts Requirements:

Part armor plate

Armor Plate

Part jet


Part enginepart


Upgrade Time
1 16 8 4 8h
2 32 16 8 16h
3 48 24 12 1d
4 64 32 16 2d
5 96 48 24 4d


Installable equipment [Levels]Edit

Every level increases the asteroids cargo +50.

  1. Launcher
  2. Boosters
  3. Robots
  4. Nuclear Warheads
  5. Generators


Energy :

Launcher :

Nuclear :

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