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Alliance icon in the Station main menu

Alliances are Pocket Starship pilots who own their own alliance; which can be purchased for 1000 Solar from the Docking Station Menu. You have the option, as a pilot, to request to join someones alliance or create your own. The main reason for having (or joining one) is competition and leader-board opportunities.

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Menu for joining an alliance

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Creating an alliance

Alliance Contents: Edit

Things alliances keep track of are:

There are also restrictions that can keep you from joining an alliance. Some people close their group to invitation only. Some have a min DP level requirement before being eligible to join. And most cases the alliance is maxed out for members (max members is 50).

Creating a new alliance will make you the founder of that alliance. As the founder you will be able to choose the name and description of your alliance, closed or open invitation, and even Min DP level. You can also appoint leaders within the alliance to have limited power; like being able to report a member to the founder to be booted.