Battle Multishot Blaster

Battle Multishot Blaster belongs to the Energy type of weapons. Is Short range type. It has a wide area range, shooting three different projectiles dealing the amount based on upgrade. If you have multiple ships in the radar it will hit them(if there are three ships, one projectile for each one) or with one ship all three projectiles will hit it.

Battle Multishot Blaster can be fitted onto a Interceptor or the special ship Prowler.

List of materials needed to craft Edit


Upgrading Parts Requirements:

Part barrel


Part coil


Part cpu


Upgrade Time
1 16 8 4 8h
2 40 20 12 16h
3 72 36 20 1d 8h

Item Info Edit

Level Damage Fire Rate DPS
0 900 400 2250
1 1000 400 2500
2 1100 400 2750
3 ? ? ?