• Alzubiadi

    game stop download

    September 25, 2015 by Alzubiadi

    plz help game stop download at downloading:load swf (100%)

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  • Eider Dock

    • During A Faction Alert, you join a Fightgroup.
    • Your merry band overwhelms the defenders and takes out the enemy outpost.
    • Nobody tries to build the Outpost which you’ll need to win, so you proceed
    • In some sectors, though, instead of cheers, your FG is upset and facepalming

    All around are losing their heads and blaming it on you, because:

    • you’ve just started a 2 minute countdown to hell.

    In PvP-Areas, purple non-player character (NPC) ships known as Royal Guards (RG) appear. Most Royal Guards are relatively easy to kill, and they are loyal to whichever Faction built the outpost.

    However, the 4 PvP sectors closest to each Faction’s territory are called "Base" sectors in this wiki, and are often called ‘Royal Guard’ sectors in the game. Whenever an O…

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  • Eider Dock

    Solar Budget

    April 19, 2015 by Eider Dock

    The premium currency of Pocket Starships -- Solars -- can greatly accelerate your progression through the game.  While it is fantastic you can get Solars without spending real money, the quantities available evaporate pretty quickly, particularly if you aren’t careful. Here are the ways to get solars, and to make the most of the ones you have.

    • Spend Real Money.  This is by far the easiest.  You collect a nice infusion of Solars quickly, and all players benefit from keeping the game financially viable.  Don’t jump in immediately, though.  Wait and see the various in-game offers.
    • Complete Achievements -- visible from the Cockpit (Yellow) menu. Each distinct achievement pays a varying number of solar.
    • Open Mystery Boxes.  Every 20 minutes or so,…

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  • Eider Dock

    The Unicorn is a fine start, but you will need stronger ships if you want to steer the destiny of the Pocket Galaxy. The choices are dizzying, and you need to decide whether to buy, build, or try your luck with Lockboxes.

    My advice is simple:

    • Consider the fleet you should be building when choosing your ‘Next Ship’
    • You can build some good ships, but the best ships come in boxes
    • You may have to build a few ships, but your early goal should be a Falcon or Falcon M2

    Your Pocket Starfleet

    To have the biggest impact, you must build a fleet with several ships of various classes. Since most of your first ships will be in the Assault Combat class, you need to consider the Tactical classes, in descending order of preference:

    • Fighters are the fastest ships,…

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  • Eider Dock

    Within Pocket Starships, the Hunter Class of ships is the Dangerfield family, and the Bloodstorm is their favorite son, Rodney. It gets no respect. Many experienced players will advise against building one, and some will even boot you from their Fightgroups when you show up in one. They have a point, but it doesn’t mean the Bloodstorm is necessarily wrong for you.

    The Case Against the Bloodstorm

    • It is a waste of resources. The tutorial will drag you all the way to level 5 (the highest), consuming 16 Engines that you might later wish you had spent on other ships.
    • The Bloodstorm is only slightly faster and stronger than the Unicorn , the true baby of the Hunter class.
    • There is no real advantage to finishing the tutorial, which pays negligible ca…
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