In the most recent update of the game, 3 new assault Lockbox Ships where introduced. They are visual modifications of Crucifier, Pegasus and Falcon M2. They have the same stats as the original 3 Lockbox Ships. Falcon M3 is a more advanced looking, orange Falcon M2. Crusher is a buffer, more stable orange Crucifier and Manticore is a well-equipped, orange Pegasus. The boxes that contain these ships are camouflaged patterned versions of the original boxes (except the Camo Transporter Box, that is purple altogether). The Falcon M3 comes in the Camo Transporter Box, the Crusher comes in the Camo Science Box and the Manticore comes in the Camo Glow Box.

Falcon m3

Falcon M3





Special thanks to Antawe123 for piloting these ships for the photos. Antawe123 is the first know Varian pilot to have all 3 ships. Edit
(as of May 3rd 2016) -Personal Credits to Antawe123 Edit