Capital Repair Beam

Capital Repair Beam belongs to the Energy type of weapons. Is Short range type.

Note that the area of effect for the Capital Repair Beam differs from the Assualt/Battle Repair Beam in that is covers a greater area. The visual on the screen is a semi-circle (220 degrees) to the front of the ship rather than the much narrower (30 degree) on the Assualt/Battle Repair Beams. This means that it is easier to repair outpost and other ships in the general area of your ship but harder to target outpost or individual ships.

Capital Repair Beam can be fitted onto a Albatross or Swordfish

List of materials needed to craft Edit


Upgrading Parts Requirements:

Part barrel


Part coil


Part cpu


Upgrade Hours
1 16 8 4 4
2 40 20 12 8
3 72 36 20 16

Item Info Edit

Level Damage Fire Rate DPS Critical Hit
0 8400 400 21000 None
1 9800 400 24500 Low
2 11200 400 28000 Medium
3 14000 400 35000 High

Note (v1.0.17 on of 05/02/2015) that the repair beam details indicate a fire rate of 1000 which is substantially slower than the equivalent repair beams on both assualt and battle ships (which both fire at 400). This means that the equivalently upgraded battle repair beam always performs better repairs and even an equivalently upgraded assualt repair beam on levels 1, 2 & 3 performs a better repair. A support ticket has been raised for this and confirmed as an issue that is with the development team.