Domination Points are points you earn for dominating the PvP sectors in Pocket Galaxy. Currently, Domination Points can be obtained in any of the following ways:

  • Killing an enemy player (50 points/per Kill)
  • Destroying Outpost in PvP sector (50 pionts/per Outpost)
  • Being in the PvP sectors (1 point per sector controlled per minute)
  • Being in the same fightgroup as someone who killed an enemy player (50 points are divided between fightgroup members)
  • Winning Faction Alerts

Domination Points LevelEdit

Currently, Domination Points serve no other purpose than to show other players how PvP-Active another Player is and increase the amount of spacebucks you get from kills while in fight groups. The Max DP level is level 50. Each time you level up you earn a Money Box.