A Faction Alert is a call-to-action event in which players are asked to fight for and control key sectors. If all the required sectors are under one faction's control when the timer runs out then that faction wins the Faction Alert. Faction Alerts, when won, award Solar, Keys, and Domination Points (DP).

Types of Faction AlertsEdit

There are different scenarios for Faction Alerts. Each with the common goal of having all sectors under a faction's control:

  • Skirmish - Factions must fight for control of one specified PvP sector. Rewards 1 key, 60 DP, and 2 Solar.
  • Tactical Preparation - Factions must fight for control of three specified PvP sectors. Rewards 2 keys, 80 DP, and 6 Solar.
  • Total Domination - Factions must have all the PvP sectors under their control. Rewards 3 keys, 100 DP, and 10 Solar.

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