Falcon M2
A Custom Fighter R
Shield capacity 29 700
Speed 300
Booster slots 2
Robot slots 2
Nuclear slots 1
Generator slots 2

Falcon M2 is the improved version of the Falcon] that features high-DPM and agility at the expense of shield power, same as the Falcon. In addition it has 10% more shield/HP (Capacity of 29,700 vs. 27,000 on Falcon), 25% faster recharge, and 25% faster shield restore. The Falcon M2 can equip the same weapons and nukes as the Falcon.

Falcon M2 Shards-bmp

Shards Falcon M2


Falcon M2 can not be built like the regular Falcon ships. The only way to obtain it is to find and open a Transporter box (it drops from pirates, enemy players) with keys that can be won from Faction Alerts.

Upgrading Statistics
Plates Jets Engines Prod. Time
8 4 2 4h
16 8 4 8h
24 12 6 12h
32 16 8 24h
48 24 12 2d

Installable equipment [Levels]Edit

Every level increases the asteroids cargo +50.

  1. Launcher
  2. Boosters
  3. Robots
  4. Nuclear Warheads
  5. Generators


Energy :

Launcher :

Nuclear :

Strategy with the Falcon M2Edit