The league (PvP vs) system is an alternative way to fight players from the regular pocket galaxy.

This system allows you to partake in 1v1 battles (the objective being to destroy the player you're fighting against), 3v3 battles (where 2 teams of 3 players attempt to destroy the enemy teams outpost) and 5v5 battles (same as 3v3).

To join a fightgroup, select the "PvP" button on the alerts tab (it might take a few minutes to lod the first time, so be patient), then select 1v1, 3v3 or 5v5, then press search, nothing else will happen unless another player also joins with the same class of ship and the same type of fightgroup (1v1, 3v3 or 5v5).

League (PvP vs) fightgroup

These fightgroups are devided in 4 "classes",

  • Starter (Unicorns and Bloodstorms)
  • Assault (All other Assault Class ships, excluding Unicorns and Bloodstorms)
  • Battle (All Battle Class ships)
  • Capital (All Capital Class ships)

The class of ship you join the fightgroup with is the class of the fightgroup it will create.


Not only can you battle players form the enemy faction, but you can also fight against players from your own faction (the way to do that, is simply for one player to make a fightgroup and then the next player to make one as well right after).

It also seems possible to make mixed faction teams in 3v3 and (probably) 5v5 battles, which means you can fight alongside enemy faction players.

You earn LP (League Points) for winning League (PvP vs) battles.

The location to where you jump, contains 3 sectors, which you can travel between by using the jumpgates. You spawn in one, say sector 1, your opponent spawns in another, say sector 3, and there is a middle ground between the two, sector 2.

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