Materials are essential for the production of items.


Asteroid materials be obtained by mining in certain areas or using Quest-Bots. Wormheart and Wormcrystal only spawn inside PvP areas and the other materials can be found in each faction's galaxy, all but Moonstone, guarded by pirates

Initially mined asteroid materials are stored in your Ships. You must unload the asteroid materials to an Outpost, or Station if you are in your home sector, where they are stored in your Asteroid Storage. Once you confirm downloading asteroid material it is removed from your ship's storage and added to your Asteroid Storage

Asteroid materials obatined from Quest-Bots are stored directly in your Asteroid Storage on confirmation of collection.

Asteroid materials stored in your Asteroid Storage can be refined in the Factory, and once you confirm the collection of the refined material it is stored in Refined Storage, from where it can be used to produce items.


These are obtained by refining Asteroids (1:1 ratio) and can be sold for Space Bucks

Refined Materials

Refined Materials as seen in Refined Storage