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Pirate Ship

Pirate Sectors are sectors controlled by NPC Pirates. Both the Material sectors and the Space Bucks sectors appear identical upon arrival. Unlike PvP sectors, Materials found in each sector remain static.

Material SectorsEdit

Once you have control of a Material sector you can begin mining asteroid materials. However, you must also defend your outpost from waves of pirates (each wave being progressively tougher than the last). More asteroids are added  at the start of each wave. If you can successfully defend the sector from five waves, you enter a grace period where you can mine the asteroids remaining in the sector. After the grace period ends you must resume fighting pirates. There are several types of pirates, such as kamikaze, crap (no kidding), soldier, elite soldier, tigre, and tank head, each one having more health than the last. 

Space Bucks SectorsEdit

Space Bucks sectors are sectors solely devoted to fighting pirates. These sectors contain more and slightly stronger pirates. After the outpost is captured, two waves of pirates approach before a grace period. After the grace period is gone, slightly stronger pirates arrive in another two waves.


Pirate Outpost


Initially a pirate sector has a pirate outpost located in the centre. After you destroy the pirate outpost you are able to build your own, player, Outpost. From your Outpost you can unload asteroid materials from your ship. If you aren't the owner of the Outpost then a builder's fee is charged out of your transfer. You can upgrade the outpost to allow more materials to be transferred and to increase fee.