PvP-Areas are sectors designed for battles between pilots of both factions, Varians and Shards. PvP means Player versus Player. Here you can obtain Domination Points. There are two types of PvP sectors, and four paths, each path allowing different kind of ships through.

Sector Types Edit

There are two types of sectors:

  • Base - One for each faction on each path, base sectors are more difficult to capture from the opposing faction, due to Royal Guards NPC patrolling for the faction the sector is closer to. Royal guards will capture the sector if left unattended.
  • Standard - Standard sectors are much more common, having four for every path. These are much more fought over, as they are easier to capture, and generally reap the same rewards as base sectors. Standard sectors are patrolled by guards loyal whichever faction currently controls the sector. NPC Guards in these sectors are significantly weaker.

Paths Edit

There are four paths, each allow different ships to enter, this prevents high level players from farming low level players. The four paths are:

  • Unicorn - Designed to give new players a foothold in the game, sectors can easily be captured alone, as outposts and NPC guards are significantly weaker than those of the other paths. Battles are usually short and unorganized, as only unicorn ships with pilots who have levels equal to or lower than 15.
  • Assault - Designed to introduce pilots to intense battles and strategies, the assault path allows assault and unicorn class ships. Assault sectors have worthy NPC guards, that can truly defend outposts, which have a moderate health and require teamwork to capture. Battles aren't generally too long, but can be devastating.
  • Battle - Designed to focus and refine teamwork and role playing, this path can harbor drawn out battles and demands deep strategy. Battle sectors allow Assault, Battle, and Unicorn classes. NPC Guards and outposts are powerful and unforgiving if approached alone.
  • Capital - The most relentless path, Capital battles are large and relentless, and AIs aren't to be taken lightly. Capital sectors are the most restricting, allowing only Capital and Battle classes.