Repairkits are consumable items used to repair your shields in the heat of battle. The "standard" ones can be crafted in the factory, and both are available in gift boxes. Upgrading a "standard" repairkit also upgrades the equivilent advanced one. Note that fitting Repairkit Amplifier generators will increase the amount of shield a repairkit repairs.


Assault Repairkit


Advanced Assault Repairkit


Battle Repairkit


Advanced Battle Repairkit


Capital Repairkit


Advanced Capital Repairkit

Levels Edit

Level Assault Advanced Assault Battle Advanced Battle Capital Advanced Capital
0 5,000 6,250 12,000 15,000 20,000 25,000
1 8,000 10,000 x x x x
2 9,000 11,250 x x x x
3 10,000 12,500 x x x x
4 x x 13,000 16,250 x x
5 x x 16,000 20,000 x x
6 x x 18,000 22,500 x x
7 x x x x 22,500 28.125
8 x x x x 25,000 28.125
9 x x x x 27,000 33,750

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