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The station is the main interface for making changes to your ship, producing items/refining asteroids, purchasing items via the shop and accessing your alliance. It is within the station that you perform any upgrades to your ship/equipment/number of hangars. Note that there are two slots available for upgrading at any one time and this is fixed and cannot be increased.

While in the station your ship will automatically be repaired.

Containing the following areas:



The hangar is where you may change your ship, change your weapons/ammo, and also upgrade your ship. You can also see your shield charging. However, you have to upgrade your hangar, as at start, it only has a measly two ship slots. If you see a star to the right of the Hangar button with a number inside it this indicates how many ships/fitted equipment/hangars can currently be upgraded with the parts you currently have in your inventory.



Under this section you can find two options, Refinement and Production.

You start off with two crafting slots but you can also add temporary and permanent slots for a cost in Solar.


This is the default option when opening the menu: Clicking on a refine button will give you a list of any raw asteroid material available for to be converted to refined materials.

The maximum amount for each slot is 1.000 and the time will vary based on the material type Moonstone being the quickest and Bluetonium taking the longest.


This is the second menu option available which allows you to craft any of the items you have unlocked by leveling.

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Refined StorageEdit

Asteroid StorageEdit





These are automated bots that you can send out to gather a small amount of raw asteroid materials, or specials that can gather solar, keys (random type), XP or Space Bucks. They can also be upgraded to gather more materials or/and reduce the time taken to gather the resource. Note that the time taken for quest-bots to gather resources is in real time not game time; i.e. they continue to gather the resource whilst you are logged out.

Raw materials: Moonstone, Redrock, Goldolite, Wormheart, Wormcrystal, Bluetonium, Poisonium

pretty sure the default amount is 100 (requires confirmation)

Specials: Solar, Keys, XP, Space Bucks

by default you receive 2 slots, but you can buy 3 additional slots for Solar. The first additional slot costs 250 solar.



Here you can buy any item for Space Bucks or Solars

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Here you can manage your alliance, see your current rank/status.

  • Overview - Alliance members list sorted by the amount obtained DP week
  • Messages - Messages from alliance members
  • Options - Setting alliance options. DP minimum level for admission member.
  • Production?
  • Battlestars
  • Requests?