Shield capacity 30 000
Speed 200
Booster slots 0
Robot slots 0
Nuclear slots 1
Generator slots 0

The Unicorn is the ship all players start with. It is classified as a Hunter ship. It cannot be purchased or constructed, and is the only ship able to install Nano-Nukes. It's also unique due to its ability to access all sectors of Pocket Galaxy.* It also lacks hardpoints for Boosters, Terminators, or Generators, limiting its usefulness as anything but an early-game ship. Another useful tool is the Unicorn EMP, which automatically limits the stats of surrounding hostile ships excluding unicorns. (due to some people getting confused here is some clarification: the 'unicorn emp' is an effect that has a chance of happening when anything other than another unicorn shoots you. it will freeze the movement of that ship for around 10s, giving the unicorn time to escape. - TheLordTenebrae) 


Upgrading Parts Requirement:

Part armor plate

Armor Plate

Part jet


Part enginepart


Upgrade Hours
1 2 2 1 1
2 6 3 2 2
3 6 3 2 3
4 8 4 2 6
5 12 6 4 12

Equippable WeaponsEdit

Energy :

Launcher :

Nuclear :

*Unicorn can jump to Assault and Battle class sectors (all levels) and Unicorn (Rookie) sectors (until level 15).